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Hy Road Solid - Promocja

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  • Producent: Storm
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Release Date: July 2014

Decades of Smart Design:

As you might recall, the number one factor of ball motion is coverstock. So, to expand our Thunder Line™ with the same great characteristics of the famed Road series, we called upon the proven R2S™ solid reactive shell for its uncompromised performance.

We even prepared this aggressive shell with a 2000-pad to really give it some teeth to dig deep into the heavy oil. Why did we do this? Because we know how frustrating heavy oil can be. Remember that at Storm we’re bowlers too, just like you.

And don’t sweat having to decide how to drill your new Hy-Road Solid. You can use your favorite layout with confidence (or let Storm’s Vector Layout System find the right one for your style of play) as the dynamic Inverted Fe² Technology™ weight block is one of the finest. Part of what makes this special is the thicker shell which transfers more energy to the pins at impact. More energy means more strikes, and more strikes leads to higher scores and bigger trophies!    

Storm - We are “The Bowler’s Company™.”

Lbs.RGDiff.Weight Block
16 2.52 0.058 Click to View Larger
15 2.57 0.046 Click to View Larger
14 2.58 0.037 Click to View Larger
13 2.59 0.045 Click to View Larger
12 2.65 0.035 Click to View Larger
R2S™ Solid Reactive
Weight Block:
Inverted Fe² Technology™
Light Weight Block:
Modified Centripetal™ Core
Factory Finish:
2000-grit Pad
Ball Color:
74-76 Rex D-scale
Flare Potential:
5” - 6” (High)
12-16 lbs.

Tropical Yellow Silver
398,50 zł
(323,98 zł)
Tropical White Blue
398,50 zł
(323,98 zł)
Tropical Breeze Teal Blue
398,50 zł
(323,98 zł)
Tropical Breeze Purple Gold Cherry
398,50 zł
(323,98 zł)
Tropical Breeze Pink Purple
398,50 zł
(323,98 zł)
Tropical Breeze Orange Teal
398,50 zł
(323,98 zł)